Tax Planning & Compliance

I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is, I could be just as proud for half of the money.

– Arthur Godfrey

Think the term “tax” only applies to work performed prior to and around the April 15th deadline? Think again. Tax laws are numerous and ever-changing. In order to navigate them legally and intelligently, taxpayers need experienced and highly motivated tax professionals. At Flaherty & Company, LLC, our professional team continuously monitors the federal, state and local regulatory environment to maintain the most current knowledge base possible so that we may serve our clients in the most effective manner.

At Flaherty & Company, LLC, we believe that this knowledge base combined with our commitment to the success of each of our clients allows us to consistently provide the highest levels of tax planning assistance. Our commitment to our clients is a year-long responsibility that is our highest priority. We maintain close, personal relationships with each of our clients and as a result, we’ve earned our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable resource for all your business and individual tax needs.

Government entities will follow the path of least resistance in collecting taxes. Those who are not well represented will be required to pay a tax burden well beyond their level of responsibility. Flaherty & Company’s goal is to identify the correct strategy for each of our clients to follow to minimize their tax liabilities. To find the correct strategy, we offer a variety of tax solutions for both businesses and individuals. Please contact us so that we may find the most optimal tax solution for you or for your business.

Corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals rely on Flaherty & Company for a variety of advisory and representative roles, including:

  • Individual tax planning
  • Business and tax planning for Subchapter S corporations and partnerships
  • Multistate tax planning
  • Property tax and sales tax issues
  • International tax planning